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If you own a home, most likely, we have some things that you need. We have seed, fertilizers, spreaders and sprayers to help with application as well as herbicides to prevent grass and weeds in your landscape to help make a beautiful lawn. Or, if you love to grow your own fresh vegetables and fruits, we have the largest bulk garden seed selection in the area, as well as a large variety of locally grown bedding plants and flowers. Or, maybe you want to be your own exterminator and take care of any pest or rodents that may invade your yard and home – we have many products to fit this job.  Best of all, when you come into Phelps Farm & Home Service and tell us your needs, we will be happy to show you the right product and how to use it. All of our employees have many of the same needs as you do and can tell you from personal experience what works best. Phelps has what you need. Whether you have a house in a subdivision or a farm on 100 acres, come visit our family today!

Pesticides & Herbicides

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Whether you live in the town square or on 100 acres, pests and weeds will always be a problem. At Phelps, we can give you just the right product for your specific need. Supplying organic/natural options in both pesticide and herbicide. If it’s ticks in your yard, aphids on your roses, or grass in your garden, we have what you need and will take the time to answer any questions you may have. We know our products work because we use them to solve many of the same problems that our customers have!

Lawn Seed

We keep only the highest purity seed and fertilizer and can recommend what you need. We will be glad to send off a soil sample to give you exact recommendations for fertilizer and lime. We also have selective herbicides to control weeds in your lawn or landscape. Contact our staff for more details about lawn seed and growing a lush, beautiful lawn!

Garden Seed, Plants & Garden Supplies Garden Supplies

With increasing prices in produce at the grocery store, as well as the desire to know how our food is grown, gardening has become more than just a hobby. Phelps carries the largest selection of bulk garden seed in our area, which are all non-GMO, and many heirloom varieties of seed and locally grown bedding plants. Talk to our staff about your garden today!

Soil & Greenhouse Supplies

At Phelps, we carry a large supply of potting mixes, inserts, pots and baskets for greenhouses and nurseries. We know the importance of quality soil for beautiful flower pots and healthy vegetable plants. We carry Pro-Mix professional mix as well as Baccto and organic potting mixes. Ask our staff for more details about all available supplies.

We have:

  • Fertilizers
  • Weed control 
  • A large variety of locally grown bedding plants and flowers
  • Pots
  • Inserts
  • Seed
  • and more!

Lawn and Garden Brands We Know and Love

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